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Utah Brothers Attend the Big Game

Former Highland High football star and Detroit Lions Haloti Ngata gave two brothers, who also attended Highland, a trip of a lifetime.

Max was born with cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair his entire life. His younger brother Suli has been his right hand man, and best friend, through it all.

"He's a knuckle head sometimes, but we definitely have a close bond. And he's really hard working and always looking out for me," Max said of his brother Suli.

Suli shared the same closeness.

“I'm the one that helps him, but in my helping him, it just humbles me and I guess I've lifted him since I was 3, so technically it made me stronger,” Suli said.

For the second year in a row, former Highland High athlete, Haloti Ngata and his wife Christina chose two deserving young men to attend a Detroit Lions game. Max and Suli were nominated, and chosen, for the trip.

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